What makes Asia susceptible to fake news?

by Isabella Chua

It’s more than just ignorance.

Crowds of buyers purchasing their groceries in Semarang, Indonesia.

Can the authorities be trusted?

A copy of the letter signed by Dr. Li Wenliang. Credits: Photo by Li Wenliang, letter issued by Wuhan Pubic Security Bureau Wuchang Branch, Public domain.

Social media: Where falsehoods go viral

Indonesians protesting against the 2019 reelection of President Joko Widodo. Their involvement was fuelled by the spread of fake news, on Facebook and WhatsApp, that Widodo favoured the Chinese Indonesian community and was fostering close ties with China. 

A protestor calling for President Moon Jae-in’s impeachment over the scandal. Credits: Cyberdoomslayer / CC BY-SA.

Policing of falsehoods
Solving Asia’s fake news problem
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