Exploring the lungs of Asia

by Gwyneth Cheng

The forests of Asia are majestic, beautiful, and incredibly unique. Yet, many of us take their existence for granted. As they disappear, it’s time to take a deeper look at our forests—and decide where we stand in the global fight for their conservation.

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The lungs of Asia
The forests of tropical Asia
Tropical rainforests: Royalty among the giants
Tropical mangroves: The rainforests’ saltier cousins
Tropical dry forests: The tropic’s most overlooked forests
The forests of temperate Asia
Temperate deciduous forests: Stars of every show
Temperate steppes: Less abundant but no less beautiful
The forests of boreal Asia
Boreal coniferous forests: The world’s most festive trees
Asia’s forests are all highly threatened
Protecting the forests: Policies and legislation
Fate of the forests
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