The otter side of Singapore

by Kathy Xu

Did you know that wild otters are often sighted in Singapore? One of the few wildlife species well-adapted to urban environments, otters are popular enough in the Garden City to be featured in David Attenborough’s Wild City documentary about Singapore in 2015, as well as in BBC Earth’s Wild Cities in 2019.

How do otters survive in a highly urbanised city state like Singapore?

Wild otters in Singapore

The differences between the smooth-coated and Asian small-clawed otters that are commonly seen in Singapore.

Otters eating shellfish on a beach in Singapore

Conflicts and problems with humans

Sentosa Cove in the evening

Growing otter pet trade in Southeast Asia
Coexisting with humans in an urban space

An otter standing on a log is photographed by local passers by

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Illustration / Joceline Kuswanto
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